Maltese Gastro Platter Menu for 4 persons @ €35


Bebbux fil-Qoxra bl-Aljoli

Traditional farmhouse snails |

aljoli dip

Pulpetti tan-Nanna Marija sliders

4 Toasted bun sliders pasted with garlic butter | beef patties |

Maltese pecorino | cheddar cheese | carrot shavings

Patata Maltija Moqlija (V)

Hand cut Maltese potato chips in skin |

Gozitan rock salt

Sfineċ ta’ l-Inċova tan-Nannu Benny

4 Traditional fried anchovies in dough with sun-dried tomatoes |

mint & yogurt dip

Ravjul Moqli Ġbejniet tal-Mogħza (V)

6 Fried home-made ravioli filled with goat cheeselets |

local carob syrup | pomegranates


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