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General Terms and Conditions for Online Orders’ Customers

The present ‘General Terms and Conditions for Online Orders’ Customers’ are applicable to the relations between Ta’ Marija and the Online Orders’ Customers. Restaurants are referred to the ‘General Terms and Conditions for Restaurants’.


Offer: the range of products and services offered by the Restaurant that can be ordered by the Customer through the Platform.

Order: an order placed by the Customer with the Restaurant through the Platform as regards the Offer selected by the Customer.

Customer: a natural person or legal entity placing an Order through the Platform.Agreement: an agreement between the Customer and the Restaurant regarding an Order and the delivery or collection of the Order.

Platform: the website, apps, tools and other equipment of Ta’ Marija and its affiliated companies and business partners on which the Service is made available.

Restaurant: a company that prepares and sells meals, beverages and related articles and uses the Platform for the establishment and payment of the Agreements.

Restaurant information: the information about the Restaurant with regard to, among other things, company and contact information, general information, product range (meals, side dishes, options and beverages), prices for each individual product (including VAT), company logo, graphics, delivery area (including postal codes), delivery costs and minimum order amounts.

Service: the commercial services and/or activities that are offered to the Customer by Ta’ Marija, including publication of the Offer, facilitation of the conclusion of Agreements and transmission of Orders to the relevant Restaurant.

Ta’ Marija: Ta’ Marija acting for itself and on behalf of any corporate entity or person that controls, are controlled by or under the common control, directly or indirectly, with Ta’ Marija

Tip: voluntary amount paid by a Customer intended for the courier delivering the Order.

Identity of Ta’ Marija

Ta’ Marija operating under the name of ‘Ta’ Marija’: Constitution Street Mosta, VAT no.: MT 1016 2718 Email: ben@tamarija.com Tel: 21434444 (daily open from 09:30-14:00 and 17:00-21:30


  1. The present General Terms and Conditions for Online Orders’ Customers are only applicable to the Service. Ta’ Marija is not responsible for the Offer. As the case may be, the general terms and conditions of the Restaurant shall be applicable to the Offer in addition.
  2. By placing an Order the Customer directly concludes an Agreement with the Restaurant for delivery of the Offer selected by the Customer. The Customer is bound by the Order and will not be entitled to a refund except in case of cancellation allowed by the Restaurant pursuant toarticle 6 below.

The Offer

  1. Ta’ Marija publishes the Offer on behalf of the Restaurants on the Platform, in accordance with the Restaurant information supplied by the Restaurants. Ta’ Marija shall not accept any responsibility or liability for the contents of the Offer and the Restaurant information on the Platform. The Restaurant may use ingredients and additives of meals and drinks, that could cause allergies and intolerances. If a Customer is allergic to any foodstuffs, we advise to contact the Restaurant by telephone for current allergen information before placing an Order.
  2. Ta’ Marija presents all Restaurant information in such a way that it is clear to the Customer what his rights and obligations are after having accepted the Offer.
  3. Ta’ Marija shall not accept any liability for Platform availability.

The Agreement

  1. The Agreement is effective as from the moment the Customer finalizes the Order by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button during the process of placing an Order through the Platform.
  2. After receipt of the Order, Ta’ Marija will electronically confirm the Order to the Customer.
  3. The Agreement can only be executed by the Restaurant if the Customer provides correct and complete contact and address information when placing the Order. The Customer is obliged to immediately report any inaccuracies in the payment data supplied or mentioned to Ta’ Marija or the Restaurant.
  4. With respect to information on the status of his Order, after having placed the Order the Customer is required to be available by telephone or email (as indicated when placing the Order) for both the Restaurant and Ta’ Marija.
  5. If the Customer decides to have the Order delivered, the Customer must be present at the delivery address indicated by the Customer in order to take receive the Order items.
  6. If Ta’ Marija delivers the Order on behalf of the Restaurant, Ta’ Marija may charge the Customer delivery costs. The current delivery costs are stated on the Platform.
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